Elevator Maintenance

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Elevators are complex mechanical systems that need regular upkeep and servicing to run safely and smoothly around the clock. Our professional elevator maintenance services help optimize the uptime and lifespan of your existing elevator equipment.

We have maintenance plans to fit every building’s needs and budget. Our technicians can provide basic servicing like monthly safety inspections, lubrication, and code compliance documentation. For enhanced coverage, we also offer comprehensive plans covering repairs, upgrades, and 24/7 emergency call-outs in addition to standard servicing.

Maintenance Plans

Basic Plan:

Our basic maintenance plan focuses on scheduled monthly servicing to keep your elevator equipment compliant and functioning. This includes:

  • Monthly safety inspections
  • Lubricating machine parts
  • Testing emergency communications
  • Documentation for compliance reporting

Comprehensive Plan:

In addition to services offered in the basic plan, our comprehensive elevator maintenance plan provides:

  • Minor repairs like replacing worn parts
  • Monthly cleanings and lubrication
  • 24/7 emergency call-outs for breakdowns
  • Periodic upgrades to control systems

Custom Plan:

We also offer tailored maintenance plans specific to your building’s elevator brand(s), usage levels, and maintenance requirements within your budget. This can cover:

  • Customizing the frequency of routine servicing
  • Response time guarantees for emergency repairs
  • Extent of parts/labor coverage
  • Special monitoring services

Stop Problems Before They Start

Schedule a consultation with our expert to identify potential issues and prevent costly repairs down the line.

A Maintenance Plan Tailored Just For You

Elevator maintainence
Our experts will design a customized plan taking into account your specific elevator models, usage, traffic levels, and budget. We’ll optimize servicing frequency, response times, coverage, and reporting to match your unique operational needs.

Benefits of Elevator Maintenance

By prioritizing regular maintenance, you can get many benefits that can help you save money, improve safety, and extend the lifespan of your elevators.

Lower Costs
Reduced Liability
Fixed Budget Expense
Safer Equipment
More Reliable Performance
Longer Equipment Life