Elevator Maintenance

a person repairing elevator

Elevators are complex mechanical systems that can occasionally malfunction or break down, leading to tenant inconvenience and even entrapment emergencies. As a full-service elevator company, we have an experienced team of technicians to provide prompt, expert elevator repair services in Houston.

We are trained and certified to service and repair all major brands and models of hydraulic and traction passenger and freight elevators, escalators, moving walkways, and more. Our service fleet is fully equipped to promptly troubleshoot any type of issue – minor or major. We handle the entire process from diagnosing problems, procuring parts, executing repairs, and conducting safety tests until equipment is restored.

Emergency Elevator Repair

a person repairing elevator
Unexpected elevator breakdowns and entrapment situations demand prompt, expert intervention. Our emergency repair teams are available 24/7, equipped to respond in under 60 minutes to diagnose issues, safely extricate trapped passengers, and work to swiftly restore your vertical transportation to working order.
24/7 Availability
Quick Response
Expert Diagnosis

Routine Elevator Repairs

elevator repair
Like any mechanical system, elevators require regular maintenance and repairs to function smoothly and safely. Our technicians provide routine elevator repairs for all types of elevators – hydraulic, traction, passenger, freight, and more. We take care of usual issues like bearings, belts, cables, switches, and control systems.
Regular Inspections
Preventative Maintenance
Peace of Mind

Elevator Stuck? Don't Panic!

The experienced technicians at Prime Elevator Corp in Houston, TX have you covered with prompt, reliable elevator repair services to get you moving again in no time.

Benefits of Elevator Repair

By prioritizing regular repairs, you can address safety hazards, prevent breakdowns, and extend the lifespan of the elevator, saving you money in the long run
Lower Costs
Reduced Liability
Fixed Budget Expense
Safer Equipment
More Reliable Performance
Longer Equipment Life